Patricia Hendrickson, RN, BSN

Patricia Hendrickson, RN, BSN

Case Manager

Patricia Hendrickson is a dedicated and skilled nursing professional, currently serving as a Case Manager at Emory Recovery Center. With a strong background in cardio-thoracic and medical ICU nursing, Patricia brings a wealth of medical knowledge and hands-on experience to her role. 

Her journey in nursing began at Rhode Island Hospital, where she excelled as a Registered Nurse in both the Cardiac Surgery ICU and the Internal Medicine ICU. Her commitment to patient safety and care coordination was further highlighted in her role as a charge nurse. Patricia’s dedication to her profession is underpinned by her pursuit of continuous education, as demonstrated by her certification in CSU-ALS and her ongoing efforts to achieve CCRN certification.

Beyond her professional capabilities, Patricia’s compassionate nature is evident in her extensive volunteer work. Her year-long service with The Foundation of International Medical Relief of Children in Nicaragua showcases her commitment to global health and her ability to provide tailored care in diverse settings. This experience has undoubtedly enriched her perspective and approach to patient care.

At Emory Recovery Center, Patricia applies her clinical acumen and compassionate approach to support and manage the care of patients. Her broad range of experience in acute and critical care settings, combined with her commitment to ongoing professional development, makes her an invaluable asset to the team. Patricia’s ability to navigate complex clinical situations and her dedication to patient-centered care contribute significantly to the high standards of service at Emory Recovery Center.