Recovery Programs


Group Therapy

All of our programs at Emory Recovery offer group therapy. Groups are facilitated by our clinical staff and always entail evidence based practices in mental health and substance abuse treatment. Group counseling is a proven and an effective tool in alcohol and addiction treatment. 

Individual Counseling

In addition to group therapy, all levels of care at Emory Recovery Center include individual counseling. Patients will have an assigned primary therapist for one on one therapy. This gives our patients more time to work through issues on a personal level with their clinician.



Our Three Phase Approach


Our Day Treatment program is the first phase of the Emory Recovery Continuum. Patients attend group and individual therapy either from home or a structured sober living facility. Day treatment runs Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm. This is a crucial phase of treatment where patients begin to lay the foundation for lasting recovery.



Our Intensive Outpatient program is the next phase after our day treatment program and patients can attend during the day or switch to a nighttime schedule. Attendance is generally 3 hours a day during this phase as patients are integrating back into their home life and the community.


Outpatient is the last phase of our program. After building a strong foundation and completing both the day treatment and intensive outpatient programs, patients step down to attend once a week. This level of care gives patients continued support as they transition out of treatment.