Our Mission

At Emory Recovery Center we serve patients with alcohol and drug abuse disorders through a culture of recovery utilizing evidenced-based practices in addiction treatment. By integrating techniques rooted in success, we provide a comfortable and fulfilling environment for all our patients to fully recover.


Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Our main area of focus is for persons struggling from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Our highly trained clinicians develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient. Our day treatment and intensive outpatient programming utilizes evidence-based therapy modalities to help our clients recover in a safe therapeutic environment.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression can create frequent, uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that cripple our daily outlook and create havoc in our lives. Through tailored counseling and pharmacological treatment when necessary, we are able to position our patients to gain new perspective and motivation so they may overcome these issues.

Traumatic Stress

Many men and women suffering from trauma from painful past experiences show symptoms that exacerbate self-destructing, addictive behavior. Anxiety, stress, and uselessness are some feelings that occur because of PTSD which leads to addictions and alcohol abuse. At Emory Recovery Center, we will help you identify these triggers and fully process traumatic events so that you can begin the process of recovery.

Family Support and Therapy

In conjunction with all our programming, Family Counseling and Educational classes provide patients and household contributors the chance to attain accelerated perception of unhealthy relationship structures in order to commence the family healing process. Emory Recovery believes that it is imperative to the patient’s success to have family involvement in the recovery process.


Medicated Assisted Treatment

MAT selections will be provided to all patients which include Vivitrol and Suboxone. Our MAT track will coincide with out regular group counseling and alcoholism counseling. All candidates meet with our medical doctor or nurse practitioner inside seventy two hour of admission for psychological assessments and medication recommendations.


Telehealth Treatment Options

In addition to in person services, we provide all of our program offerings for group and individual counseling by way of telemedicine due to current COVID-19 exposure risks. We do favor in person participation though patients can register for either form of treatment given their unique situation and  Emory Recovery Center’s COVID-19 guidelines.