Andrew Ogburn

Primary Therapist

Andrew is passionate about supporting clients on the journey toward the attainment of their goals and a more rich, full, and meaningful life. His focus is always on helping individuals along this journey in a manner that is collaborative and respectful of where they are in the process. Andrew creates a safe and supportive space, where clients can be vulnerable and bring to the space whatever it is they feel is troubling them or they want to better understand. He is committed to equipping his clients with skills to better manage their lives and emotions so they do not need to rely on addiction to cope. Andrew approaches his work with a strong sense of positivity, focused on helping each person find their path forward into a life free from addiction. Andrew is always comfortable responding to client and family concerns, believing in the benefits of repairing and building positive relationships.

While completing his Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, Andrew was accepted into the Rhode Island Integrated Substance and Opioid Use Intervention Education (RIISOIE) project where he expanded his knowledge and passion for working with those impacted by substance use. Drawing from personal experience and his postgraduate training, Andrew’s therapeutic approach combines Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a strengths-based perspective in order to meet the unique needs of each individual. Andrew has experience working in therapeutic environments with people of all ages and is experienced in group and individual supervision, engagement, and treatment. As part of the team at Emory, Andrew provides group psychoeducation and individual therapy.

Through his passion for engendering group cohesion and his strong empathy-focused interpersonal skills, Andrew thrives on creating therapeutic relationships that give each person a sense of freedom while always feeling supported.