Angelo Mosca

Operations Coordinator

Angelo Mosca, a dedicated and highly skilled Operations Coordinator at Emory Recovery Center, is an invaluable asset to the team, known for his unwavering commitment to ensuring excellence in patient care. A lifelong Rhode Island resident, Angelo’s journey began in Providence, where he developed a strong community connection before advancing to Boston for higher education.

He is an alumnus of Boston University, where he acquired a Bachelor of Science in Communications/Journalism. Furthering his academic pursuits, Angelo earned a Juris Doctorate from Suffolk University. He then embarked on a distinguished twenty-year career in law, specializing initially in real estate, followed by a focus on criminal trial work, specifically in defense.

Angelo’s personal journey and experiences in recovery ignited a passion for aiding others on similar paths. This led him to a pivotal career shift, directing his expertise and personal insights toward the substance abuse treatment sector. Since joining Emory Recovery in August 2022, Angelo has been instrumental in streamlining operations and enhancing patient care protocols. His unique blend of legal expertise, communication skills, and personal empathy positions him as a cornerstone in the effective management of the center’s daily operations.

Angelo is also a proud father of two accomplished adults, with his son residing in Rhode Island and his daughter in Philadelphia, PA. His personal and professional experiences converge to make him a prime example of dedication and effectiveness in the field of recovery and patient care.