Brandon Wiley BA

Brandon Wiley BA

Admissions Director

Brandon is the welcoming voice and first point of contact for patients at Emory Recovery Center in Attleboro, Massachusetts. With a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management, Brandon brings a unique blend of professional expertise and personal experience to his role as Admissions Director.

Having navigated the journey of personal recovery, Brandon empathizes deeply with the challenges and apprehensions faced by individuals seeking treatment. His extensive background, spanning over seven years in substance use disorder treatment, includes roles in both inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as in admissions departments.

Brandon’s passion for his work is evident in his commitment to helping patients and their loved ones find the right treatment solutions, tailored to their unique circumstances and insurance considerations. At Emory Recovery Center, he plays a pivotal role in guiding individuals through the range of services available, including group and individual therapy, medication management, and case management.

Understanding the overwhelming nature of seeking treatment in the current mental health landscape, Brandon offers a reassuring and knowledgeable presence. His approach goes beyond Emory Recovery Center; if he cannot directly assist at his program, he is dedicated to finding and recommending treatment plans that align with the specific needs of each individual. For those grappling with finding the right path to recovery, Brandon’s invitation stands: reach out, and he will help navigate the journey toward healing and well-being.