George Carberry profile

George Carberry, CADC

Primary Therapist

George Carberry is licensed alcohol and drug counselor who is passionate about guiding people who experience substance use disorders to see and rediscover the light within themselves. George graduated at the top of his class earning a bachelors degree in entertainment business from Full Sail University. Several years after graduating, George found himself on his own journey of recovery and healing where he discovered his passion working with individuals who experience substance use disorders and co-occurring conditions. George earned his counseling license through attending Sober College School of Addictions Studies while living in Los Angeles, CA. 

George has experience working in many roles within the industry including being a behavioral technician, detox house manager, residential operations manager, and admissions coordinator before acquiring his license. George has worked with many different populations including programs designed for LGBTQ adolescence, young adults, and adults. Most recently George worked with the Rhode Island Medicaid population until landing at his current position at Emory Recovery Center. Through George’s work in various roles and with diverse populations, he is passionate and understands the importance of providing client focused care and harm reduction strategies.