Rachel Mendelsohn, BA

Rachel Mendelsohn, BA

Lead Case Manager

As the Lead Case Manager at Emory Recovery Center, Rachel Mendelsohn brings a comprehensive understanding of psychology and mental health to her role. Her educational background from UMASS Boston has equipped her with a deep knowledge of human behavior and emotional dynamics. Rachel is particularly skilled in creating a therapeutic space characterized by trust, safety, and non-judgment, allowing clients to openly explore and confront their struggles.

Rachel’s approach to treatment is characterized by warmth and empathy, fostering an environment where patients feel validated and understood. This nurturing atmosphere is pivotal in encouraging openness among those she helps. Specializing in the treatment of substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders, Rachel adopts a holistic strategy. She addresses not just the behavioral aspects of addiction but also the underlying emotional challenges that contribute to it.

Rachel’s real strength, however, lies in her unwavering support and commitment to her clients throughout their recovery journey. She is a pillar of guidance, encouragement, and accountability, empowering those she works with to enact positive life changes and sustain long-term recovery. Her role at Emory Recovery Center goes beyond case management as she is heavily relied upon in regard to all Emory programming and operations.