Drug Rehab in Attleboro, MA

Attleboro is a decent-sized city in Massachusetts that serves as home to 46,580 people. Once upon a time, it was famous for its jewelry manufacturers, so much so that its nickname was the Jewelry Capital of the World. Nowadays, it has moved on to other things, though it is still home to some jewelry manufacturing. There are a total of 5 rehab facilities in Attleboro. They don’t offer a comprehensive selection of drug and alcohol rehab services, but they should still be able to care for a considerable portion of interested individuals. Fortunately, Attleboro is in the Providence metropolitan area and close to the Boston metropolitan area, meaning its residents have more options available if they are willing to travel a bit further out.

Different Levels of Care in Attleboro, MA

Different Massachusetts rehab facilities offer different treatments and different kinds of care. That is extremely important because what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. Having access to more options increases interested individuals’ chances of finding something that works well for them.


Detox means clearing drugs and alcohol from the patient’s body. Generally speaking, people go for a gradual approach rather than stopping all of a sudden. That is particularly true because stopping all of a sudden can cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms for some substances, such as alcohol. Unfortunately, Attleboro’s rehab facilities don’t offer either inpatient or outpatient detox.

Inpatient/Residential Treatment

If you have ever heard of someone checking into a rehab facility, you have heard of inpatient or residential treatment. It offers a more focused experience in a more restrictive environment. Of course, it also requires interested individuals to commit more of their time. Attleboro residents who want inpatient or residential treatment will have to travel outside the city because it isn’t available through the local rehab facilities.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab means interested individuals can stay at home even while they are getting the care they need. Some forms still require a huge commitment from patients, while others are relaxed enough for patients to maintain their regular routines. In Attleboro, four out of five rehab facilities give regular outpatient rehab. Moreover, the same number of rehab facilities offer either methadone/buprenorphine or naltrexone treatment.

Payment Options for Rehab in Attleboro, MA

It is common for rehab facilities to accept more than one payment option. That is a good thing because it enables interested individuals to choose the combination of payment options that work best for them. Something that can make the process more affordable than otherwise possible. The rehab facilities in Attleboro, Massachusetts are no exception to this rule.

Private Insurance

Private insurance sometimes comes with coverage for drug and alcohol rehab. It isn’t guaranteed. As such, you need to be very careful when choosing your private insurance policy if you are concerned about this kind of coverage, particularly since you also need the right amount of coverage. In total, four of Attleboro’s rehab facilities take private insurance.


Medicare and Medicaid can make drug and alcohol rehab available to people who would otherwise struggle to access it. Four rehab facilities in the city take Medicare, while five rehab facilities in the city take Medicaid. Please note that one rehab facility also takes federal military insurance. That is a good reminder that you should take advantage of such programs whenever possible.

Self Payment/Financing

Not every rehab facility takes cash. However, they tend to do so more often than not, meaning interested individuals shouldn’t overlook self-payment as an option. It is good if people can pay for their rehab out-of-pocket. If they can’t, they should look into financing, which can mean various things. For example, some companies offer healthcare loans. Alternatively, general loans and general lines of credit can be used for whatever the borrower has in mind. As always, a good credit score gives better access to financing. Plus, there are workarounds, such as getting a co-signer and putting up collateral. Conveniently, all of Attleboro’s rehab facilities take cash.

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Drug Rehab Special Programs

People often get the best results from programs tailored to their particular needs and circumstances rather than those of the general population. Rehab facilities aren’t necessarily capable of tailoring everything to everyone. Still, they recognize the fundamental idea, which is why they often offer programs aimed at particular demographics.

Drug Rehab in Attleboro for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are just as capable of suffering from drug and alcohol-related issues as their younger counterparts. Often, they require special consideration from healthcare providers, meaning specialized senior drug and alcohol rehab programs serve an important need. Two of Attleboro’s rehab facilities offer these programs, meaning interested individuals have some choice in the matter.

Drug Rehab in Attleboro for LGBTQ

It isn’t uncommon for rehab facilities to have programs aimed at the LGBTQ community. These programs have a better understanding of their intended patients, thus making them better at offering support and providing other forms of assistance. As such, members of the LGBTQ community should look into these programs when available, as is the case for one of Attleboro’s rehab facilities. Having more options is good because it increases people’s chances of finding the program that works best for them.

Drug Rehab in Attleboro for Veterans

Veterans are often affected by their service in ways that aren’t immediately obvious to those who have never served. Due to that, it can be a good idea for them to check out drug and alcohol rehab programs offered by people who possess special insight into their condition. You should know there is one rehab facility in the city that offers such programs. However, you should also know it is meant specifically for veterans rather than either active duty personnel or members of military families.

Drug Rehab in Attleboro for Pregnant/Postpartum Women

Rehab facilities sometimes offer programs specifically meant to assist pregnant or postpartum women in overcoming drug and alcohol-related issues. That makes sense because there are additional factors at play, meaning they do best when healthcare providers consider those additional factors. Luckily, Attleboro offers a fair amount of choice in this regard because there are three rehab facilities with suitable programs.

What to Look for in a Drug Rehab in Attleboro, MA

Interested individuals will have the best chances of resolving their issues by choosing the right rehab facility. This can be a complicated process because there is so much information to process. Still, you can make it much easier on yourself by breaking it down into several factors for you to consider. Common examples include but aren’t limited to licensing, accreditation, certification, and general reputability. The more of these factors that line up for a particular rehab facility, the higher the likelihood it is trustworthy.


Drug and alcohol rehab is a serious matter. That means Attleboro-based rehab facilities aren’t supposed to offer these services unless the state of Massachusetts has licensed them. If you come upon a rehab facility without a license, you should automatically walk away because you can’t trust them to know what they are doing. Indeed, that is good cause for you to suspect them because they should know they shouldn’t be operating without a license, meaning they are being deceptive. On a related note, you should also look up the rehab facility’s personnel before looking up their national provider identifiers (NPI). These are ten-digit numbers that are supposed to be unique to healthcare providers. Checking for this information is an easy way to ensure the rehab facility’s personnel are active.


It is hard for people to assess a rehab facility’s capabilities on their own. That is why there are accrediting organizations to do the job for them. In the United States, you want to check for accreditation by either the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities or the Joint Commission. The former is the largest accrediting organization for rehab facilities, while the latter is the second largest accrediting organization for rehab facilities.


Certifications are also useful for gauging a rehab facility’s expertise and experience. They don’t necessarily need these to be legitimate. Still, certifications do offer a measure of confidence in their claims. One example would be LegitScript’s approval, which says they are legitimate enough for them to advertise through Google, Facebook, and other major platforms. Another example would be a certification from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), which shows that the rehab facility has agreed to meet the organization’s code of conduct.

Online Reputation

People won’t know what their experience with a healthcare provider will be like until they have gone through it. However, they can get a fair amount of insight into the process by reading the reviews of people who have already gone through that process. Nowadays, reviews are readily available because they are so easy to post online. If you can’t find any, you should stay away. The rehab facility might just be new enough that it hasn’t received any reviews. Even so, you shouldn’t take the risk.

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Data on rehabs is from SAMHSA