Taunton, MA Drug Rehab

Taunton, MA has been around since 1637. That is enough to make it one of the oldest municipalities in the United States, meaning it has had the time to build a reputation for a wide range of things. One example is how the silver industry gave it the nickname Silver City, while another example is how the annual December light display gave it the nickname Christmas City. Curiously, Taunton’s 59,600 residents are served well by nine rehab facilities. Something that should come as welcome news for those seeking to overcome their drug and alcohol-related issues. 

Different Levels of Care in Taunton, MA

Addiction doesn’t cause the same issues for every single individual. As a result, there isn’t a single universal solution for it. Instead, rehab facilities offer not just different treatments but also different levels of care, thus enabling interested individuals to choose the best approach for their needs and circumstances. Taunton’s rehab facilities are as varied as their counterparts elsewhere, which makes them more capable of helping Taunton residents.


Some people have been known to try detoxing on their own. However, that isn’t the recommended course of action. Support can make even the toughest challenges more manageable. Moreover, having a healthcare provider monitoring the process is a good idea when detoxing too fast from alcohol and certain other substances can cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Conveniently, two of Taunton’s rehab facilities offer inpatient detox, while one of them offers outpatient detox.

Inpatient/Residential Treatment

Speaking of which, just as how of Taunton’s rehab facilities offer inpatient detox, two of Taunton’s rehab facilities also offer inpatient treatment. On top of this, two of them let interested individuals stay at them for the short term, while three of them let interested individuals stay at them for the long term. Inpatient services are well-suited for people who want to focus on their recovery in a controlled setting. The issue is that they will need to set aside their normal obligations for a time if they choose to do so, which may or may not be possible for everyone.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient services allow interested individuals to continue living at home while receiving treatment for their addiction. That doesn’t mean these services are lax. For instance, one of Tauton’s six outpatient-capable rehab facilities offers partial hospitalization, which tends to require interested individuals to visit for several hours a day, several days a week. Similarly, two of them offer intensive outpatient treatment, which is also a major commitment that people shouldn’t enter into lightly. Perhaps unsurprisingly, more of Tauton’s rehab facilities offer less intensive outpatient treatments. Specifically, five of them offer regular outpatient treatment, while four of them offer outpatient methadone/buprenorphine or naltrexone treatment.

Payment Options for Rehab in Taunton, MA

People always need to consider their finances when seeking out rehab. Knowing their payment options can empower them to make better choices, thus enabling them to pass through the process in the best financial condition possible. Having more rehab facilities tends to mean more payment options being available, so once again, that can be seen as a plus for Taunton residents seeking assistance with their addiction.

Private Insurance

Private insurance can be a complicated matter. Fundamentally, better coverage means higher premiums. As a result, if people want to make sure they are adequately covered for rehab, they need to choose their private insurance policies with extreme care while keeping their monthly budgets in mind. Eight of Taunton’s nine rehab facilities accept private insurance, which is great for those who are covered.


Both Medicare and Medicaid can make rehab much more affordable for interested individuals. The issue is that they aren’t available to everyone. Still, even if people don’t qualify for these programs now, they should familiarize themselves with the requirements so that they will know if they ever become qualified. All nine of Taunton’s rehab facilities take both programs. Furthermore, four take federal military insurance, while seven take state-financed health insurance. Those are good reminders that there are more public health insurance programs than just Medicare and Medicaid.

Self Payment/Financing

If people don’t have insurance, they are going to have to pay out-of-pocket. There are rehab facilities that help even without payment, but those are very rare because they are the exceptions rather than the rule. Unfortunately, Taunton doesn’t have any of those. Meanwhile, six of its nine rehab facilities accept self-payment. Those considering this option should look into financing options. That can help them spread out the cost over a longer period, thus reducing the impact on their short-term finances.

Drug Rehab Special Programs

Rehab programs are often aimed at the general population. That makes them well-suited for helping the widest range of people. Sadly, that means they are sometimes unable to give good results to demographics that need more specialized care tailored to their particular needs. Luckily, rehab facilities are well-aware of this issue, which is why they have special rehab programs aimed at specific segments of society.

Drug Rehabs in Taunton for Senior Citizens

Sometimes, people become addicted to drugs and alcohol when they are older. Other times, people grow older before they choose to address their drug and alcohol-related issues. Whatever the case, interested individuals should know Taunton has three rehab facilities with the specialized expertise and experience needed to help them out.

Drug Rehabs in Taunton for LGBTQ

Members of the LGBTQ community can get good results from standard rehab programs. However, they might prefer rehab programs specifically aimed at them, which tend to be staffed by healthcare providers with more insight and understanding of their experiences. Something that can make them more comfortable, thus enabling them to make better progress with their drug and alcohol-related issues. Taunton has one rehab facility that offers rehab programs specifically aimed at members of the LGBTQ community.

Drug Rehabs in Taunton for Veterans

Veterans are another group of people with unique experiences that often make them better suited for more specialized rehab programs. Luckily, the city of Taunton in the state of Massachusetts has a rehab facility that specializes in helping them overcome their addiction.

Drug Rehabs in Taunton for Pregnant/Postpartum Women

Four of Taunton’s rehab facilities have rehab programs aimed at adult women. Similarly, four of them have rehab programs aimed at those who are either pregnant or postpartum. Thanks to that, interested individuals have several options available to them right in the city, which should boost their chances of finding a suitable solution.

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What to Look for in a Drug Rehab in Taunton, MA

Choosing the right rehab facility is much the same as choosing the right providers for other services. Essentially, people should check a rehab facility’s credentials to make sure they are legitimate. After this, they should use online reviews and similar resources to see whether a rehab facility is reliable or not. Illegitimate rehab facilities are never reliable. Alas, their legitimate counterparts aren’t guaranteed to be 100 percent reliable, thus the need for additional scrutiny.


Healthcare is an extremely important matter. Due to this, Massachusetts is the same as other U.S. states in that it licenses those qualified to offer rehab. The lack of the necessary license is a sure sign that a rehab facility can’t be trusted because that means it is running a fundamentally illegitimate operation. Conveniently, Massachusetts maintains lists of approved healthcare facilities. On top of that, the NPPES NPI Registry makes it very easy to look up healthcare providers because they are supposed to have a unique 10-digit NPI. It doesn’t guarantee that these individuals are approved to work in the field, but it is still an extra layer of verification.


Accreditation organizations have several important functions. For those looking for a rehab facility, the most important is that they make sure their members can live up to their claims. When it comes to rehab facilities in the United States, interested individuals should look at the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and the Joint Commission. One accreditation organization isn’t necessarily as good as another. CARF and the Joint Commission are the best to check out because they are the largest and second-largest respectively, meaning they have the most credibility.


Besides these things, rehab facilities can also have various certifications. These can provide them with increased credibility. The issue is that different certifications can mean different things. Certification from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) is reassuring because it means the certified are supposed to operate according to the organization’s code of ethics. Meanwhile, certification from LegitScript is reassuring because it means the certified is legitimate enough for it to advertise through Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Online Reputation

The Internet makes it very easy for people to share their opinions about healthcare providers. That means those checking out rehab facilities should have no problem finding online reviews, which should provide them with increased insight into what they can expect. This way, they can make better-informed judgments than by relying on pure marketing, thus increasing their chances of finding the right solution for them. The occasional negative review isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker because no healthcare provider can please patients 100 percent of the time. Consistently negative reviews are a sign to stay away because that suggests something more systematic. A lack of reviews is just as bad. It means the rehab facility is either fake or newly established, which isn’t a huge improvement because interested individuals won’t be able to glean much insight to help them make the right choice.

Data on rehabs is from SAMHSA